My story

Esther Ziher-Ginczinger’s (Netherlands) painting refers to small things in life which are the most important, such as love between two people, family, friendship, and comfort. Happiness, humor, and warmth are the elements of her paintings that she would like to imply to those people looking at them. 

Esther’s paintings have a recognizable style and are exhibited in prestigious collections around the world in cities such as Adelaide, Perth, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Hong Kong,  Shanghai, Shenzhen, Taipei, London… 

Furthermore, prestigious magazines such as Navenant (The Netherlands), 365 artplus (Japan), Vogue (Taiwan), The Press (England) have reported about her impressive and colorfull art.

Her works are known for her self-expression and limitless bound to brace the theoretical borders. She is always looking for challenges and innovations. She typically paints with acrylic on canvas, adding ink, ink spray, black lacquer and oilpastels. 

The pleasure of painting for her is not only the end result, but the development – the continuous discovery during the process, and the surprises of not knowing what will be the outcome. It is the art of letting things go and freeing yourself.